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Anyone who wants to help improve public understanding of psoriasis can get involved.

The WPD newsletter has thousands of subscribers and many active contributors. Around the world, more than 40 local, national and international patient associations (PAs) are active members of WPD - and the numbers are growing. Are you part of it?

The independent WPD Steering Committee oversees the direction of WPD and assists PAs in their work. The Steering Committee is made up of psoriasis patients and patient association representatives from different countries and is supported by its Officers and WPD Sponsors.

Psoriasis PAs from various countries are currently planning and organizing local events, activities and initiatives in support of World Psoriasis Day. These can be viewed via the country specific pages.

The full list of all the activities that are taking place around the world can be viewed on the WPD activities page. Has your PA sent in details of any activities that they are planning?