World Psoriasis Day in Lithuania is being supported by one active patient association: Lithuanian Psoriasis Association in Kalunas.

TiesioginÄ— peticija
People around the world are signing up to the WPD 2005 online petition. By adding your name to the petition, you are strengthening the call for psoriasis to be recognized by the WHO as a serious disease. Pasirašykite peticijÄ…!

Lithuanian Psoriasis Association
P.O. Box 2095
3000 Kalunas
+370 87 94677
+370 77 30847

The resources below have been produced by people with psoriasis for people with psoriasis. These include a psoriasis patient manifesto, posters and information leaflets about psoriasis and how it impacts on family, friends and lifestyle.

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Note: The leaflets and posters available on this website have been developed, translated and generously donated to WPD by Serono.