Welcome to the latest issue of the World Psoriasis Day e-news bulletin counting down to 29 October 2004. As the last e-news bulletin before World Psoriasis Day itself, this issue focuses on some of the supporting activities taking place around the world, with details of activities both large and small; serious and fun. In addition, read on for more information on what will be happening during the forthcoming World Psoriasis Day press conference in Prague and don't forget to click here to add your name to the World Psoriasis Day Proclamation, which within just a few days of its launch enlisted support from hundreds of signatories...



The following represents a snapshot of facts and figures related to the WPD initiative:

Number of countries now supporting World Psoriasis Day: 42
Number of patient associations supporting World Psoriasis Day: 46
Number of unique hits on the World Psoriasis Day website: 240,000
Number of people who have signed up to receive the World Psoriasis Day e-bulletin: 158
Number of people who have signed the World Psoriasis Day Proclamation: 367

New patient associations are joining the World Psoriasis Day campaign every day, so log on to www.worldpsoriasisday.com for continued updates on the countries and patient associations involved in World Psoriasis Day, as well as details of local events occurring worldwide and background information about the day.

In Belgium, World Psoriasis Day is being actively supported by two patient associations: Absl GIPSO in Liège and its sister organisation Psoriasisstichting in Lochristi. On 29 October, the Belgian psoriasis associations will place exhibition stands in some of the largest hospitals in Belgium to help educate the general public about psoriasis. As well as the opportunity to talk to psoriasis patients, nurses and psoriasis specialists, these stands will offer visitors the chance to release a balloon and win a prize!

Anyone travelling on the subway in Berlin on 29 October 2004 should see the World Psoriasis Day advertisement below. The German psoriasis association Psoriasis Selbsthilfe Arbeitsgemeinshaft e. V has arranged for 30-second World Psoriasis Day advertisements to appear on monitors on board subway trains.

Berlin Subway Advertisement

Of course, it is not just large countries which are participating in World Psoriasis Day. The Icelandic Psoriasis Association SPOEX has secured spots on all four of Iceland's TV channels for a World Psoriasis Day advertisement.

Are you involved in any of the events listed above? Are you holding similar events in your country to raise awareness of psoriasis and celebrate World Psoriasis Day 2004? Email us on getintouch@worldpsoriasisday.com and tell us more!

Following his recent recruitment to the World Psoriasis Day Steering Committee, Lars Ettarp, President of the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA), will welcome an international audience of medical and consumer journalists to a media briefing in Prague on 27 October. The briefing will include presentations from patient association representatives and medical experts. In addition the results of an international survey examining the level of awareness of psoriasis amongst more than 5,000 members of the public will be presented and circulated. These results will also be made available shortly afterwards to patient associations for them to use in their ongoing campaign to raise awareness and dispel myths about psoriasis.

Log on to the World Psoriasis Day website for further details of the agenda and to download a media registration form. Even if you are not in Prague on 27 October, you can join in: simply use this form to register for the live webcast of the event.

Media Registration Form

As reported in the last issue of the World Psoriasis Day e-news bulletin, the World Psoriasis Day website now features an online World Psoriasis Day Proclamation, which sets out the rights of psoriasis patients to enjoy the best possible medical care and quality of life without experiencing discrimination or exclusion as a result of their skin.

With 367 electronic signatures gathered already from as far afield as Kenya, Hong Kong and Mexico, the Proclamation will provide a powerful tool for Patient Associations in the fight to show healthcare decision makers (and the media) what needs to be done to improve psoriasis care for people with psoriasis all over the world. The signatures will be made available to any patient association upon request.

Log on to the World Psoriasis Day website to read the Proclamation and add your name to the list in time for World Psoriasis Day on 29 October 2004.


On World Psoriasis Day itself, we will report on stories and events from around the world

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