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What is happening 2007?

Each year a wide variety of activities take place around the world, these have ranged from the distribution of leaflets and postcards to large events, together they have made World Psorisis Day a huge success and generate worldwide media interest. 

This years events aim to do the same. Here are some examples;

  • Information stands in Oslo, Norway
  • Roller skating exhibition in Paris, France
  • Conference in Bilbao, Spain
  • Psorisais Supplement in newspaper, Sweden
  • Musical production in Rome, Italy
  • Media coverage across Malta
  • Lobby parliament of Israel
  • 5km street walk in Kenya 
  • 12 psoriasis forums across Canada
  • Sponsored walk in Omar National Park
  • Public art exhibitions right across Brazil
  • Gabriel Rocca art exhibition in Buenos Aires

    Information about local activities for 2007 will soon be presented here -  country.

  • World of Psoriasis is presented by IFPA

    Sponsors 2007

    Merck Serono
    Merck Serono are the founding sponsors of World Psoriasis Day


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