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World Psoriasis Day in Italy

ADIPSO (Associazione per la Difesa dello Psoriasico) organized many activities to celebrate World Psoriasis Day 2006. With initiatives such as a musical production of the play "Il Candido di Voltaire" in one of the most prestigious theatres in the centre of Rome to the continued and growing support from politicians, Italian TV stars, famous singers and many other personalities, World Psoriasis Day 2006 was once again a huge success.

On the weekend of World Psoriasis Day, ADIPSO, supported by the Red Cross and by specialist physicians, gave out information about psoriasis in more than 50 squares all over Italy. Huge thanks are extended to the specialist doctors who gave their time and expertise to inform people about the latest scientific information and recent innovations on the genetic search. In addition, thanks go to the volunteers of the Italian Red Cross, for their assistance in distributing booklets and pamphlets and other support.

The Italian Minister for Health, Livia Turco acknowledged ADIPSO on the occasion of World Psoriasis Day 2006 with a message of support and appreciation.

As the report on the press activity shows the World Psoriasis Day story was widely carried across very many different media outlets. With a total media impact of nearly 200 million, the message was spread far and wide!

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Merck Serono
Merck Serono are the founding sponsors of World Psoriasis Day


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