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World Psoriasis Day in Argentina

Silvia Fernandez Barrio (AEPSO, Argentina) sends in the following information about the wonderful and varied activities that took place in Argentina for World Psoriasis Day as shown on the program below.

Meetings with authorities, journalists and parliamentary ratification

AEPSO organized many meetings with a variety of different groups. Each was successful in communicating the key messages of raising awareness of psoriasis.

Local, Regional and National Health and Social Care Authorities joined together in support of AEPSO and World Psoriasis Day with the signing of a Statement of Commitment and Support.

A meeting with journalists was very effective in raising awareness of psoriasis and World Psoriasis Day and allowed the media dedicated access to all the relevant information to help them in preparing articles and coverage.

At the meeting in the Salon Dorado of the Buenos Aires Parliament, the parliament unanimously ratified the AEPSO activities of importance in Communications and Health in the Community and declared the last week of October as "Psoriasis patients' week" as law.

Campaign and exhibition

A powerful campaign was developed for AEPSO with wonderful photography from leading photographer Gabriel Rocca. The images are black and white to highlight that the issues surrounding psoriasis are perceived as black and white and that there should be shades and colours. The images were used in adverts and banners on street corners throughout Argentina.

An exhibition of the work done by Gabriel Rocca for World Psoriasis Day 2006 was shown in the City Parliament. One of the wonderful images from the campaign is shown here. Visit the or the World Psoriasis Day website to see more.

AEPSO at the football

The AEPSO flag raising awareness of psoriasis and World Psoriasis Day was shown at the main soccer stadiums during half-time of the important matches on 28 and 29 October.

AEPSO web record

The success of all the AEPSO activities was apparent through the increased traffic on the association's website! A record numbers of visits were seen in October with a massive increase compared to the start of the month!

For more information on the activities of AEPSO in Argentina, please visit

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Sponsors 2007

Merck Serono
Merck Serono are the founding sponsors of World Psoriasis Day


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